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Assessment Measures

Assessment Measures: Social and Emotional Competences and Development of Children Aged Zero to Seven, European Assessment Measures Compendium with more than 100 selected assessment measures.

Country Overviews

Country Overviews: Social and Emotional Skills Assessment, Development and Intervention in early childhood in a selected list of 51 countries. That list includes the European countries (except Andorra, Monaco, San Marino, Vatican City (Holy See)), the transcontinental countries partially located in both Europe and Asia, countries that politically are considered European countries though geographically are located in the West Asia territory, and 4 other countries: Australia, Canada, Japan, United States.


Programs: a selection of 59 programs and good practices in Social and Emotional Skills Development and Intervention.


Publications: a curated list of documents and EU-Self Project books available for download.


Blog: posts created by the project partners and other registered user's (contributors) that showed interest in participating in this project


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